Can The Awakening Be Hijacked?

Can The Awakening Be Hijacked?Zen Gardner anticipates the enemy in a recent entry, Can The Awakening Be Hijacked?

Gardner discusses openly how our psychopathic controllers think, however, goes one further to display amazing deftness in describing their limitations!  Western civilization represents only an accomplished two dimensional world, philosophically termed materialism. Our civilization makes every attempt to subvert the spiritual, probably due to controllers’ belief, we’ll make less productive slaves.  Gardner reveals some means, the controllers or Powers That Be (PTB) use below:

“So in their view the children of the world must be made to conform to a system as limiting and spiritually confining as possible. This will include drugging, mind control, restrictive false education in militaristic institutions, treadmill like jobs, mindless diversions and constant propaganda.”

So, is the picture becoming a little clearer? Vaccines and children on psychoactive drugs, are perhaps, the greatest abominations in PTB attempt to control and limit the population. It’s too bad more parents don’t recognize how foolish it is to introduce dozens of “vaccinations” into a child’s body!

A two dimensional life lived strictly on the material plane, remains inherently limited. Gardner already described how “advanced Western-style civilizations” are compromised by the methods used above. In spiritual matters, Gardner proposes indigenous people are at an advantage to so-called higher civilizations:

“…indigenous peoples who were not raised in engineered societies but only within simple cultural guidelines are very spiritual and natural. There is no ‘waking up’, they just never went to sleep. This is why these rich, conscious cultures and their shamans have been systematically decimated by the ugly Controllers. They do not want an awakened populace. Period. And these spiritually rich, unharnessed indigenous peoples carried this awareness and connectivity that the Controllers so despise.”

The present writer suspects an engineered society represents a triumph of reason, but results in a syndrome, the “left brain prison” (see “Idle Musings On Our Left Brain World).  A “rational” society running after numbers, is likely realized, at some loss to our spirituality!  Gardner comments on limitations of our controllers’ two-dimensional means to keep us subjugated:

“They must think we’re naive dolts like the asleeple and just awaiting their fascist harvesting combine. Quite the arrogant disconnect there, when their machinations are so obvious to the rest of us. But that makes sense, when they live in a lower density mind trap and can’t even conceive of our state of consciousness.”

The PTB are described as they appear to someone awake (i.e. conscious spiritually).  The material world is the controllers’ primary game, their spirituality ego-driven, self-aggrandizing – probably Satanic!  Gardner explains current desperate Draconian measures to keep their grip on controlling us:

“If you’re wondering why the global crack down is so fierce and Orwellian and is accelerating at break neck speed, this is why. The awakening is spreading like wildfire. And they know it. This is why predators like Zbigniew Brzezinski see the awakening as a threat and say things like ‘It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control them.’ (See for yourself here.)”

Gardner excels not only in his comprehension of our plight, but offers advice on identifying enemy in any hijack – possible Psyop- on an Awakening so feared by the PTB:

“There’s a plethora of disinfo tools laced into the alternative spirituality arena. If it disempowers, it’s wrong. If it directs your allegiance, it’s wrong. If it robs you of your sovereignty, it’s wrong. If it’s dogmatic and hierarchical, it’s wrong. Most lies and lying systems have all of those traits, while other aspects are more subtle. There are other attributes but to me the ones above are the most prominent.”

The battlefield, is clearly, spiritual and Gardner has identified the enemy with amazing acuity!  It’s up to us to follow the best course of action – a spiritual defeat of a two-dimensional materialist system!

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