morrissey: los angeles a ‘police state’

January 8, 2006 Media Monarchy 0

Aversion says: Morrissey has no love for Los Angeles’ police force. In an online interview conducted by True-to-You, Morrissey… revealed that, although he’s made Los Angeles his surrogate home in the States, he’s a little


operation: hollywood

January 6, 2006 Media Monarchy 0

“You must glorify war in order to get the public to accept the fact that you’re going to send their sons and daughters to die.” so as we approach oscar season, you should know that


wiretap lies

December 21, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

Chris Floyd writes: “What a difference a year makes — or is it an election? Back in 2004, George W. Bush was caught on camera explaining very carefully that the government always requires a court


‘it’s just a goddamned piece of paper’

December 11, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

from capital hill blue: GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the [Patriot] act could further alienate conservatives… “I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the


10 big questions

December 9, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

Jarrett Murphy of the Village Voice writes:1. Where was the “National Command Authority”?2. Who gave the order to try to shoot the planes down?3. What exactly were all those firefighters doing in the towers?4. Did


another war

December 3, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

Eric Alterman, author of “When Presidents Lie,” writes: We know now…that after the famed Gulf of Tonkin “incident” on Aug. 4, 1964 – in which North Vietnam allegedly attacked two American destroyers – NSC officials


buying nothing on black friday

November 26, 2005 Media Monarchy 1

Jack Kuenzie of WISTV writes: Buy Nothing Day began more than a decade ago, and was the work of Adbusters , an anti- consumerism group. The organization wants shoppers on the Friday after Thanksgiving to


set PHASR’s on stun

November 9, 2005 Media Monarchy 1

Will Knight of NewScientist.com writes: The US government has unveiled a “non-lethal” laser rifle designed to dazzle enemy personnel without causing them permanent harm…the Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response (PHASR) rifle was developed at the


just because you’re paranoid…

October 11, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

from boston globe: [IBM] filed a patent application in 2001 which contemplates using this wireless snooping technology to track people as they roam through “shopping malls, airports, train stations, bus stations, elevators, trains, airplanes, rest


this toilet earth

September 16, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

David Goldenberg of Gelf writes: “Yes, the note is real. And yes, the president really wrote it. “It was shot at a pretty good distance,” Wilking tells Gelf. “I had no idea what was on


pledge of defiance

September 15, 2005 Media Monarchy 1

“The court concludes that it is bound by the Ninth Circuit’s previous determination that the school district’s policy with regard to the pledge is an unconstitutional violation of the children’s right to be free from



September 14, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

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Preemptive Strike

September 13, 2005 Media Monarchy 0

“well now what happened is, one of our base commanders, he had a sort of, well he went a little funny in the head. you know. just a little… funny. and uh, he went and


Electronic Behavior Control System

September 11, 2005 Media Monarchy 1

dead propagandist edward bernays called it the “engineering of consent.” i like the term partipulation. participating in your own manipulation. it’s happening right now. you’re soaking in it.