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target creates license plate reading technology

from wcco: New technology is allowing law enforcement cars to go looking for trouble. Computers now installed in cruisers automatically run license plates and alert officers to wanted drivers. Police in Lakeville are testing that technology right now, but you might be surprised who came up with it: Target. The Minnesota-based corporation is working on technology that would take pictures of license plates that come into store parking lots. Last month, Target donated to the Lakeville Police Department the technology that reads and runs license plates through a crime database.

license plate scanner to look for ky law breakers
license plate scanner to look for ky law breakersfrom kthv: The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is using a new system that scans license plates of passing cars, checking up to 800 vehicles per hour to see if any are stolen or if the owners are subjects of warrants… The license numbers are checked through the FBI’s National Crime Information Center to see if the vehicle is stolen or related to someone with an arrest warrant. The system will also reveal whether a missing person is connected with the vehicle.

red light cameras linked to crashes
red light cameras linked to crashesfrom calgary herald: Red light cameras used to nab drivers who disobey traffic signals can lead to more accidents and injuries, according to researchers at the University of South Florida College of Public Health… “People who would otherwise run the yellow are trying to do a quick stop and in doing so they force everybody else to do the same behind them.”

surveillance cameras may soon be required
from kalb: Alexandria city councilman wants to require some businesses in town to install surveillance cameras. News Channel 5’s Joel Massey spoke with some residents about the proposal… “I think they should be in any business to prevent crime if there’s cameras out nobody is going to do anything. You can’t hide from a camera.”

chicago links school cameras to 911 centers
chicago links school cameras to 911 centersfrom chicago tribune: More than 4,500 cameras in Chicago public schools are being connected to police headquarters and the city’s 911 center in a technological upgrade designed to improve safety, officials said Thursday. In an emergency, arriving officers also will be able to view real-time images from the cameras on screens in their squad cars. “The key is getting the information to the police officer in that car,” said Mayor Richard Daley. Cameras belonging to the Chicago Transit Authority and other public agencies have been linked to the city’s 911 center, and devices in some public buildings also have been connected as Daley seeks to consolidate video surveillance.

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