change: sources say obama to add 34,000 to afghanisurge

change: sources say obama to add 34,000 to afghanisurgefrom cbsnews: After weeks of meetings with top-ranking officials, CBS News has learned that President Obama is expected to send a substantial amount of additional troops to Afghanistan… Sources tell CBS News that President Obama plans to completely or almost completely fill Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s request for 40,000 new combat troops in Afghanistan. The U.S. would have a total force of more than 100,000 there by the end of 2010 and a large force would remain there long-term.

pentagon pouring your money into afghanistan:
are they preparing for a very long war?

11/11 updates:
rising military expenditure: the coming US budget attack*
afghanistan’s oil binge: 22 gallons of fuel per soldier per day*
video: why is obama still funding blackwater?*

blackwater used ‘child prostitutes in iraq’*

11/12 updates:
scahill: obama may be afraid of blackwater*
nato airstrike mistakenly kills 7 afghan soldiers & policemen*
video: cia asset taliban gets US ammo to kill american soldiers*
in kabul’s “obama market,” US military rations on sale*
more US vets die at home than in afghanistan: study*
soldier faces 10yrs in jail for desertion after highlighting ‘great wrongs being perpetrated in aghanistan’*
gates to war strategy leakers: stfu*
shut up, gates says again*
confirmed: war spending makes fewer jobs than other spending*
video: hersh says obama finally taking control of afghanistan decision*
obama to receive proposals for afghan campaign*
video: obama decision on afghanisurge ‘in days’*

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