Charles Hall and the Tall Whites

Intellihub reports on interview of Charles Hall, author of Millennial Hospitality Series,” on Australian TV (video). A webpage at Open Seti Initiative provides bio- graphy of Hall to acquaint readers: “…an information technology
specialist, actively employed in Albuquerqe, NM. In 1965-66, Airman
First Class Charles Hall was Range Weather Observer for several gunnery
ranges [at military reservation near Nellis AFB, NV]. There was nothing at all exotic about his official duty
assignment…Hall’s job was to release and track weather balloons, measure
the ‘winds aloft’, and call in reports to Nellis. What was unique
about his situa- tion was that as he was performing his weather observing
duties, he was almost continuously surrounded by a group of
extraterrestrials observing him. Tall, white-skinned – Hall
eventually dubbed them ‘the Tall Whites’ – somewhat human-looking but
clearly not of any known Earthly race of human….”

Airman Hall’s duties were certainly mundane to point of tediousness, but what he witnessed at Indian Springs remains far from it!  Charles Hall and his alien encounters, covered in previous posts:  here and hereThe Tall Whites remain fascinating and Hall’s descriptions are plausible and detailed! The present writer remains skeptical, wondering if Hall receives tidy retirement from shadowy sources as disinfo agent? 

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