chemo-cola & the pro-life gardasil greenwash military zombies

quackery of chemo: gunpoint medicine & daniel hauser*

chemo case raises parental rights issue*
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drinking large amounts of cola can cause paralysis, doctors warn*
sodas a tempting tax target*
6 urban farms, from US coast to coast*
‘no child left inside’ would spend $500m to greenwash children*
poll: more americans are ‘pro-life’ than ‘pro-choice’*
central texas farmers voice concerns on usda track & trace program*
US military: heavily armed & medicated*
zombies: do they exist?*

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  1. Julie Smith Avatar

    The same situation occured here in New Zealand several years back. This family’s son was much younger and after seeing him vomit large clots of blood from his mouth and nose and his asking his parents to stop the doctors giving him chemotherpy, his parents chose for him not to continue treatment. They had to go into hiding for weeks on end as the government ordered his parents to continue the treatment. The media frenzy and constant hounded of this family was horrendous. Sadly he didn’t conquer the disease, but I’m sure all the stress created by the government, child welfare agencies and media would have hampered his recovery.

    Julie Smith
    New Zealand

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