Chicago’s Willis Tower: On ‘The Ledge’ With Echoes of the World Trade Center

Chicago’s Willis Tower: On ‘The Ledge’ With Echoes of the World Trade CenterThere’s growing chatter in the alternative media about the question: “Will There Be A New False Flag Attack On Chicago’s Sears Tower?” In the past, we have covered the Tower’s connections to Silverstein, Emanuel & the Private Intelligence Complex. But now there may be a new piece to add to the puzzle.

While looking through the print edition of yesterday’s New York Times, an article on C1 caught my attention: “Suspended in Space, 103 Stories Over Chicago“. It’s a travel piece about the renovation of the Skydeck at Sears/Willis Tower and how ‘The Ledge‘ has become a tourist attraction. This should raise a red (false) flag with you if – that is, if you have a degree in 9/11 folklore.

In the months leading up to 9/11, there was an event known as ‘The B Thing‘ which allegedly involved building an observation deck on the 91st floor of World Trade Center Tower #1. This labyrinthine story is covered in great detail by Jonathan Elinoff’s article: “Art Students in WTC Connected to Israeli Intelligence Service“. Is this another case of predictive programming, that “subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes“? Or are we just chasing phantoms?

Suffice it to say: the eerie similarities, meta or otherwise, between the Willis & World Trade Center Towers keep growing as we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11. And since this story seems to have gone unnoticed in the alternative media, we were excited to break it for you on the June 1st episode of ‘The Bob Tuskin Show‘.

Video Update: Is the Willis Tower set up for false flag terror?

3 responses to “Chicago’s Willis Tower: On ‘The Ledge’ With Echoes of the World Trade Center”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    So does this mean on 3rd of October 2011 or 3rd of January 2012?

  2. End the Lie Avatar

    I'm so torn on this issue. What do you think? If you had to give a percentage chance that this would be hit with a false flag event? The only thing I would doubt is the fact that they would go through with it after all of the buzz in the alternative news community. It's kind of like if Bush rolled out the bin Laden icicle right after Allbright said he would do it. Great work by the way. Keep it up! There can't be enough of us out there fighting the good fight.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Ian Crane had predicted a false flag attack on the Sears Tower, and feels his prediction, or rather the public nature of it, shined too much light on the plot, and caused it to be shelved. Those behind these planned crises rely on secrecy. They can abide by a certain degree of doubters after the fact, as they pretty much control the media. But predictions of events carry much more weight than after the fact speculation.

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