China Ups Cyberwar Stakes

Northrop Grumman published a study of China’s capability to conduct cyberwarfare last year. The present writer suggests at least surveying, “An Operational Profile of An Advanced Cyber Intrusion”. The section contains a very readable review of a sophisticated data collection operation and intrusion upon large US company networks. It’s an education. ZDNET Asia provides a more disturbing quote from the same document in, “China’s US $90b ups cyberwar stakes,“… document also claimed the country has stockpiled a kinetic arsenal that includes lasers, high-power microwave systems and nuclear-generated electromagnetic pulses to supplement its cyber warfare force. It also claimed the country is training its forces to work under ‘complex electromagnetic conditions’.” This represents serious and sober preparation for knocking out and operating computer systems under very harsh and adverse conditions. It’s war preparation, clearly!

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