Clinton Wants New Drones To Hunt Kony

Clinton Wants New Drones To Hunt Konyfrom Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Friday, endorsed the advancement of drone surveillance technology to aid the US in capturing fabled enemy Joseph Kony.

Clinton was in Uganda speaking to president Yoweri Museveni and surveying the current use of US drones being used by the Ugandan military in Somalia to reportedly fight al-Qaida-linked militants.

Now we have to figure out how we can see through thick vegetation to find Joseph Kony,” she said speaking openly about the US’s need to improve drone surveillance capabilities.

The Secretary is riding the wave caused by the controversial “Kony 2012” documentary released in March 2012 that to date has more than 92 million views.

The film, which was created in order to spur widespread outrage and garner support for an invasion of Africa, depicted Kony as a ruthless African warlord that would kidnap children, butcher victims, and take women as sex slaves.

“We have to figure out how to work with all the countries where he and his criminal bands are perhaps hiding. We have to put our heads together to find out what additional equipment and support you need to lead this effort to rid the world of this terrible man and his criminal behavior,” Clinton said.

Although most Ugandans have more of a problem with the now 30-year dictatorship of president Museveni than the infamous Kony, Clinton continues to beat the war drums to muster support for an invasion.

Apart from the obvious attempt to keep the military industrial machine churning and distracting from genuine events, the Kony 2012 documentary was funded indirectly by the CIA through the film’s producer Invisible Children’s connections to USAID.

Furthermore, it is widely believed that Kony hasn’t even been in Uganda for six years, he no longer holds any influence in the region, and is presumed dead.

Today Clinton is also receiving backlash from China who she indirectly accused of exploiting Africa’s resources. The official Xinhua news agency said Clinton’s “cheap shots” attempted to “drive a wedge between China and Africa for the US’ selfish gain.”

Noel Sharkey, professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield and who has previously appeared on the Alex Jones Show, expressed his fear that drones will start “the industrial revolution of war” in a piece penned in Friday’s Guardian.

He states today’s drones are “like the Wright brothers” prototypes compared to what’s coming next. “Here is where the real danger resides: automated killing as the final step in the industrial revolution of war – a clean factory of slaughter with no physical blood on our hands and none of our own side killed,” Sharkey wrote.

If Clinton has it her way, drone surveillance technology will surely be not only powerful enough to see through “thick vegetation,” but will likely be strong enough to penetrate rooftops and invade privacy.

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