clyde lewis with douglas dietrich: battle for orbit

clyde lewis with douglas dietrich: battle for orbitClyde Lewis is back in a big way with guest Douglas Dietrich, who will rearrange your head. Clyde gets the description right of his guest’s unique viewpoint: “‘Douglas Dietrich will radically restructure our understanding of mankind’s twentieth century explosion into near-space as the “Battle for Orbit,’ a lethal four-way conflict between American Astronauts, Soviet Cosmonauts, Nat-Zi Raummænner – and even Commonwealth Cannoneers! He will expose how and why the Third World War has been fought and won, even while the Second World War was doomed to inconclusive Stalemate. The New Front demanded control of a new High Ground; not so much our Moon as the five “Lagrange Points” integral to the Gravity Wells of our never-emphasized Binary Planet: the Earth-Moon System as well as much more…”

Dietrich was Clyde’s guest back in February and discussed the Battle of Los Angeles and Nazi UFOs. The former militarian historian blew Clyde’s audience away with information and perspective unheard of previously! You’re missing out if you don’t take it in: Clyde with Douglas Dietrich on KXL.

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