cobra commander offers you a financial bailout

‘mindbender’ trailer #2: the federal reserve, the new world order & cobra commander team up to bring your family a financial bailout
from revelations media: Running low on cash? Can’t afford groceries? Have no fear, The Federal Reserve, The New World Order, and Cobra Commander have teamed up to offer you and your loved ones your very own economic stimulus package. Sick of hearing about Wall Street getting bailed out? Well… your worries are over. This financial rescue is custom made for “Main Street”. Cobra Currency in the form of the Amero… coming soon.

‘mindbender’ trailer #1: g.i. joe & the war on terror
from revelations media: The first official trailer to the documentary MindBender. Watch as events from 9/11 unfold in a cartoon from 1985. “The War on Terror” in cartoon form.

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