Colorado May Join ‘Cottage Foods’ Movement

Colorado May Join ‘Cottage Foods’ Movementfrom forbes: Farmers who want to prepare and sell foods at home hope the Colorado Legislature joins more than a dozen other states with a “cottage foods” designation. It’s a sort of in-between step between giving away homemade foods to neighbors and going commercial, which requires government oversight some farmers say isn’t worth navigating just to sell small batches of food. “We want to find a way to support what’s been growing in Colorado,” said Sen. Gail Schwartz, D-Snowmass Village, who sponsored a cottage foods bill this year. The cottage food idea has big fans in local-food advocates, small farmers and rural development experts, who say the change could boost rural economies and help get people started in the food business.

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    I support this bill but tell me why a farmer should be the only one to benefit! 28 other states have a law similar to this allowing ANYONE to produce non hazardous foods from their home kitchens to sell to the public. It is called a Cottage Food Law. The Local Foods to Local Markets bill is unfair in that only farmers will have this right. Do farmers have cleaner kitchens then the rest of the public? Is my income any less important than theirs? This bill will violate equal rights. Lets remove the stipulation that you must be a farmer to use your home kitchen for the production of a non hazardous food for sale.
    The bill passed the first hearing and is now going to the State House and Senate. Please tell your Representatives that EVERYONE should benefit from this bill, not just farmers. AND that there should not be a net income cap of $5,000 per year on it! That is not worth anyone’s time, especially a farmer. Lastly, home based food production businesses should be fully regulated by the Health department for public safety and should be licensed and insured. Colorado should follow Utah's regulations for a cottage food business, Please join my facebook page, and sign the online petition for a TRUE Cottage Law in Colorado.

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