come, let us celebrate our monsters

come, let us celebrate our monstersfrom winter patriot: Ninety years ago today, on November 11, 1918, World War I finally ended. Of course it wasn’t called that at the time; it was called The Great War. How could anyone have known it would be the first of many?

Who could have guessed that barely twenty years would pass before the beginning of the next one?

The day when peace finally arrived was given the name Armistice Day. Thereafter, it was commemorated every year with solemn ceremonies and sacred vows of “Never Again”.

In many English-speaking countries, November 11th is now called Remembrance Day, and it’s still commemorated every year with solemn ceremonies and sacred vows.

But in the USA, November 11th is now called Veterans Day, and its primary function is to glorify the President, even though he’s a deserter.

Its secondary function is to glorify the fools and killers who put more stock in shameless and transparent propaganda than in their own consciences, or who had no consciences to begin with; who cared more for obvious lies than they did for humanity, or who hid gleefully behind those lies to enjoy the thrill of killing, without any legal consequences; who claimed to be Christians but somehow managed to ignore all the Commandments, but still believed their faith in Christ would see them though the Pearly Gates no matter how many innocent people they slaughtered; and who now suffer the inevitable consequences (though they suffer far less than their innocent victims).

In civilized countries on November 11th they mourn their dead. In America we worship hired killers.

What should be a day of somber reflection becomes an endurance test: Can you survive 24 hours of it without retching? I can’t. I never could. And every year it gets worse and worse.

Just once in my life I would like to hear the following conversation:

Do you support the war?

No. I don’t support the killing of innocent people for any reason at all.

Do you at least support the troops?

No. I condemn killers-for-hire no matter who hired them.

update: hasselbeck: veterans day not for ‘complaining’ about war
from raw replay: Co-hosts of ABC’s The View argued over the proper way to honor veterans on Veterans Day. Joy Behar said that major newspapers failed to remember the costs of war on their front pages. Elizabeth Hasselbeck countered that this wasn’t a day to “gripe” about the costs of war. “This is not the day for that. We have 23 million Americans fighting right now who have served our country. They have spent their lives dedicated to our country. Today is a day to honor their quiet courage.” Behar disagreed. “I’m not complaining about the boys and girls in the war. I am saluting them by talking about what the trials and tribulations have been because of this war,” said Behar. This video is from ABC’s The View, broadcast Nov. 11, 2008.

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