Comet Elenin Coming Dates

Comet Elenin Coming DatesApocalyptic passions have stirred since the discovery, last December, of Comet Elenin. The amateur discoverer Leonid Elenin has been the subject of conspiracy. ELE, the first three letters of the surname, can be interpreted as an acronym for Extinction Level Event. The comet approaches out of Constellation LEO, which may be an allusion to first three letters of the first name. Suspicions are expressed online Elenin is not even a real person–just a code name. Last month, Dutchsinse reported on a video that suddenly disappeared from NASA’s Buzzroom, where the comet’s calculated pass is believed very close, 40,000 miles! You can get a full serving of apocalypse from several videos linked here, which speculate Elenin is Nibiru, on Nostradamus quatrains and more.

Comet Elenin has accumulated gravis because of events coincidental with its alignment. A YouTube video went viral that seems to predict Japan quake of March 11th on March 8th.

Coincidences are listed below:

Chile earthquake Feb. 27, 2010 occurs during Elenin, Sun, Earth alignment.

Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake Sept. 4, 2010 during Elenin, Sun, Earth alignment.

Japan quake on March 11, 2011 on yet another Elenin, Sun and Earth alignment.

Upcoming dates to watch for Elenin precipitated events:

August 3 – Elenin crosses Earth’s orbit

Sept. 11 – Elenin closest to Sun

Sept. 26, 27 – Earth, Elenin, Sun alignment

Oct. 17 – Elenin closest to Earth

Oct. 31 through Nov. 5 – Earth crosses Elenin’s orbit

Nov. 23 – Earth, Elenin, Sun aligned

Dec. 27, 28 2012 – Earth, Elenin, Sun alignment

There are some strong coincidences here and make an argument for natural causes and not man made events such as HAARP. Everyone has something to look forward to this fall.

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