Comet Elenin Debunked!

Comet Elenin Debunked!Comet Elenin hysteria transits into darker skies! Stuart Robbins devotes the Comet Elenin Special on the Exposing Pseudo-Astronomy podcast to dispelling claims. “For some odd reason, there are a lot of crazy claims out there about Comet Elenin. In recognition of its closest approach to the sun on September 10, this bonus episode addresses many of the common claims out there about the comet including an exposé into Richard Hoagland’s magical numerology that apparently proves it’s a spaceship.” You can read along with Comet Elenin Special shownotes. Robbins, a PHD in astrophysics, lectures on critical thinking and takes on the Moon Hoax and Apocalyse 2012 as his subject matters in some other presentations. Will Stuart Robbins fill the role of space skeptic as Michael Schermer has as 9/11 skeptic?

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