coming soon: space tourism

Have you seen ads or checked out ORBITZ for a space tourism package? There are no listings yet, but the wait may be shorter than you think? Fraser and Pamela of Astronomycast Episode 221 survey one of the few bright spots in human endeavors: space tourism. Are you ready to Space Boogey (Jeff Beck)? Fraser wonders if failure of Orion may be impetus to privatize space? Pamela sees big bet placed on space tourism, but also, space cargo and confident Elon Musk of SpaceX can get space tourism off the ground! BA330 (Bigelow Aerospace), 330 cubic meters of personal space, discussed on cast, which offers all the amenities of home almost, lavatory and “hygiene station”! The BA330 (pictured) is modular with ability to add more for a complete station. Pamela also mentions Spaceship Two (SS2), a joint effort by Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites. You can jump directly to test flight of SS2 (video), an impressive demonstration of the feathered suborbital space plane. The present writer isn’t convinced to make either a BA330 or a SS2 booking, preferring to book into the Space Hotel !

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