Concern Over ‘Souped Up’ Human Race

Concern Over 'Souped Up' Human Race

A BBC article poses usual but tired and pointless ethical questions about enhancing human ability. “Human enhancement could enable older workers to keep pace with younger colleagues.  But there is also the risk that those who fail to join the technological elite would be sidelined as dinosaurs, says Prof Jackie Leach Scully, professor of social ethics at Newcastle University’s Policy, Ethics & Life Sciences Research Centre,” article reports as a likely issue in our near future.  Will there be coercion?  Corporations have little use for ethical dilemmas, and probably, will only pay lip service to any of them.  Performance will be subtle coercion to enhance yourself.  Smart pills to boost memory and intelligence would only present a concern if they become controlled substances.  Will drug tests become mandatory before taking a college exam?  “Several surveys reveal that many students now use brain-enhancing
“smart” pills to help boost their exam grades, which raises the question
about whether colleges and universities should insist candidates are ‘clean’ in the same way that Olympic athletes have to prove they are
drug-free to compete,” 
is another possible issue posed by article.  The present writer suspects mandatory prescriptions would only be required for underemployed and unemployed workers to make them more employable. Will you take the corticals – as in The Bourne Legacy – only to conclude as the lights go out they slipped you a termination pill instead?  It’s a Brave New World! 

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