Concerns over privacy raised in wake of Osaka facial recognition experiment

from Privacy concerns have been raised over an upcoming surveillance project slated to take place at the Osaka Station. A 2-year experiment that involves monitoring the movements of people arriving at the Osaka train station through a facial recognition system.
The test will be conducted by the National Institute of Information and
Communications Technology, a government-affiliated organization, in
collaboration with West Japan Railway Co and operator of Osaka Station,
Osaka Terminal Building Co.

With the results of the experiment, NICCT wants to provide
information on the way people use and move around the station. 90
cameras will be set up in the station,
which will monitor and track chosen individuals for a week.
recognition system will take note of some of the individual’s
characteristics and be assigned a specific ID number. Data from the
experiment will be given to JR (Japan Rail) West after two years for free.
NIICT promises to delete the images and just maintain the data related
to the subject before handing it over. They hope that the information
they will get will aid the authorities in coming up with specific
evacuation and disaster management plans.

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