congress ‘drinks a lot of alcohol’ but won’t legalize pot

ron paul & stephen baldwin debate marijuana legalization
from raw story: Members of Congress like to guzzle the booze, but when it comes to the questions of drugs and states’ rights, don’t ask them for a friendly ear. That’s the overriding message carried by Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul on a Friday night appearance with Stephen Baldwin on CNN’s Larry King Live.

‘socialize’ it? oregon may grow, tax & sell medical pot
'socialize' it? oregon may grow, tax & sell medical potfrom raw story: In most states, the issue of medical marijuana is not on any legislative docket. In Oregon however, a state which already allows medical marijuana, socializing the weed is being pitched as a bipartisan cause célèbre. Maybe socializing is the wrong word. “House Bill 3274 would direct the state to establish and operate a marijuana production facility,” reported Oregon’s KGW-TV. “The state would control potency and pharmacy distribution.” Okay, so maybe it isn’t. If the legislation, which is currently in committee review, becomes law, the state would take control of Oregon’s booming cannabis industry, bringing growing and sales under the public domain… “Rep. Ron Maurer, R-Grants Pass, and Rep. Chris Harker, D-Beaverton, are also sponsors of the bill,” the paper reported. “Now that’s what we call bipartisanship.” “Radical? For sure,” said Oregon Live’s Janie Har. “Even California, a state where dope dispensaries run rampant, doesn’t have government workers growing pot.” “Private growers have been accused of illegally selling pot to non-cardholders, and other grow sites have been targeted by burglars and robbers,” reported Oregon station KATU.

flashback: oregon initiative would allow pot sales in liquor stores

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