Connecticut Man Kills 8 Co-Workers & Self At Beer Distributor

Murder/Suicide: “How could someone do this?”
Connecticut Man Kills 8 Co-Workers & Self At Beer Distributorfrom ap: A high-ranking union official says a man who fatally shot eight co-workers and himself at a beer distributorship in Connecticut had been caught on videotape stealing beer. Union officials say Omar Thornton had worked as a driver for a couple of years and had been called in for a disciplinary hearing Tuesday and asked to resign. He instead opened fire at a warehouse in Manchester. The mother of Thornton’s girlfriend says he had complained of racial harassment and that his bosses had not responded. But a union official tells The Associated Press that Thornton had “made no complaint of racism to us or to any federal or state agency.” Teamsters Local 1035 official Christopher Roos says Thornton was “ disgruntled employee who shot a bunch of people.”

Murder/Mayhem updates:
Journalist Christopher Story dies suspiciously*
School buses crash in Missouri, killing at least 2 & injuring 50*

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    This man was obviously upset, but ignored. It's sd that people lost their lives, but no bad deed goes unpunished. I've worked with whites and know the devious and racists acts they commit then hide their hands. People should be very careful the way they treat people..

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I agree…Killing is wrong any way you put it. And he should not have been stealing beer thats petty, however when you are bullied and treated less than equal to your co-workers there is always a breaking point. people tend to look at this as the 8 people were victims, in a way they were. But I also feel when you treat people like they are worthless you get what you deserve. Just like the famous columbine shooting. Those kids were fed up with being bullied. to me they were the victims. How much do you think someone will take? i do not feel sorry for these people if they were really discriminating against this man. I have heard they were hanging nueses to scare him. if that is true than they definantly learned their lesson.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I am a black man that has faced the same issue as the shooter and im posting this in his behalf, it is not meant for anyone to take offence from my opinion, its very clear of what happened here, but WHY? His story seems more honest then the founder of the company, I mean C’mon, killing all those people because he was caught stealing alcohol and selling it to third parties, I’ll tell you one thing, I bet they will never show the vedio they claim they have of him stealing, plus in there own words they say he was caught many times doing this, 1st of all, if this was true he should have never been a second time, what company lets an employee stay employed after doing such a thing, that’s just un common, then they say the forced him to resign, that just sounds like a lie, any employee caught stealing, especially a black man, would be fired on the spot, there own story discredits them, on his behalf, his girl friend is a white, and she even says he showed her proof of his story with out one stutter, but this found has to write down his story and read it and stutters the whole thing, its because he isn’t good at lying, so these people want us to believe that this guy stole, got cause and killed cause he got cause, then made up a story that he did it cause of racial discrimination, then he dialed 911 to tell this story that they denied that is true, I’m a black male, I have no hatred towards no one for the color shape, size or background, but I think he is telling the truth, but its said, because the ones who didn’t get killed, got to live, and they will continue to play innocent as if they did nothing wrong, its will make more whites hate black, the shooters family will have problems with white now, even at work, unless people own up to there acts that caused this tragedy, ask there families if they will learn from this, or continue to fuel the fire that is burning with racism? I doubt that they will learn, and these acts will happen again and again, TRU ME, there will be more like him, I have almost been there my self for the same reason, that makes two of us, trust me, there will be more, beware of your acts, and watch you words, you never know when this will replay its self,

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  5. Pamelap Avatar

    I am a white woman that has faced nasty racism at the hands of black people. Some black people can be the nastiest of racists, trust me. They think they have the right, but they don't. This man was an animal who stole and acted like a monster when he got caught. Bosses have a breaking point too. Putting up with the lazy arrogance of unprofessional black people. Having to tolerate porr performance because if they give constructive criticism, they will be sued or accused of being racist instead of the person owning up to their flaws. I worked for a company once that had many blacks. They were rude, lazy and racist. Never again will I put myself through that. Bosses take head…protect yourself. Look at the postings above. Whiney black men looking to blame someone because they can't be productive and professional no doubt.

  6. Pamelap Avatar

    Bosses take head???? Typical!!! Bosses have breaking points too. Putting up with lazy, thieving, unprofessional, unproductive, people like this animal. He was clearly a racist looking for someone to blame for being a loser.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Blacks have been taken away from their families, raped, tared, feathered, hung, beaten to death, shot down in cold blood for hundereds of years not just 8 but by the thousands and now you have a reason to be upset and we don't? White folks need to take a look in their own closet and see how many murders lie there for no reason. Killing is wrong I do not care who does it, the color of their skin or for what reason.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Amazing how those who claim to be discriminated against are justifying such an act! You are choosing to do unto others as they have done unto you which will only continue to perpetuate the very thing which you claim being a victim of. Wouldn't it be mroe fruitful to begin practicing "Do unto others as you have them do unto you" in order to plant seeds of love, peace and restoration? Goes for all sides.

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    Pamelap is a white man. Who are you fooling.

  10. Pamelap Avatar

    Anonymous 8/10 at 9:26pm (aka coward), I am a woman, stupid. Are you that stupid that you don't know history. Throughout history white people have suffered too. What happened with slavery in this country was horrid too. But is not the only time people were enslaved. Dummy. You would judge me by my skin because of slavery, right?? But my parents were the first from our family to come to this country and not until 1964. You are text book… text book stupid.I am sick of being treated by black people today like I owe them something. Get over it. Every race has its complaints and suffered injustices at some point in history. I owe nothing but to be the best I can be to all. Not because I must because there was slavery in this country at one time.

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