Connecticut To Columbine: Inevitable Comparisons

Inevitably, tragic comparisons of the Newtown, CT Sandy Hook school shooting are made to 1999 Columbine High School Massacre. The present writer, finds disturbing though, focus on the content of “emotional loss” by victims’ family members. Does this represent media (propa- ganda) attempt to supplant competing feelings of un- certainty or even outrage at how little sense media coverage made on Friday, Dec. 14!  On Monday, in hour 2, Jesse Ventura on Alex Jones expresses his annoyance and confusion with many competing stories floated in early hours following Friday’s tragedy.  The present writer suspects an overt attempt to instill feelings of extreme cognitive dissonance, which will take emotional distress and motivation to seek resolution to a very high level!  The extreme state of dissonance also represents loss of clear thought!    There are just too many things that don’t add up, by any stretch, in Newtown, CT to allow for reporting error!   Veterans Today compiled revealing list of troubling questions about Sandy Hook shooting.  Here is a another list of unanswered questions by family members of Columbine Massacre, who still seek answers!  A sub-minute You Tube video shows SWAT team on top of Columbine High School in 1999, which many still question their true purpose there?

What is the rub?  Will emotion or reason prevail?  Will the American public be lulled into disarming themselves to find themselves at the mercy of truly armed forces?  Is a ban on semi-automatic AR-15 an incremental step?  Are any guns with magazines at risk?   Paramount question, will be, whether American people go into dark night with a whimper or a bang?  The choice is ours!

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