Conspiracies The Illuminati Our Secret Masters

A 2004 Sky One TV Show hosted by Danny Wallace, Conspiracies The Illuminati Our Secret Masters,” provides breezy intro into the Illuminati.  A little dated but still of interest due to top four conspiracy theorists showcased in 45 minute video.   The top four all reside in Texas:  1)  Alex Jones, 2) Texe Marrs, 3) Jim Marrs and 4) Gaylon Ross.  Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tombs, is also, interviewed and dispels as not true initiation rite of masturbating in a coffin.  Robbins attended Yale, where The Tombof Skull and Bones, is located on campus.   Jim Tucker, author of Bilderberg Diaries, also appears.  Wallace attempts to met a living, breathing “Illuminatist,” but the pursued hook up never materializes on the show.  Alex Jones makes, per- haps, most interesting observations on Illuminati-influenced Owl architecture – such as Frost Bank building right in Austin, TX.  It’s well spent three quarters of an hour.

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