Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories are a cottage industry. Are the theories credible? Bill Kaysing, author of 1974 book “We Never Went to the Moon: Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle,” offers persuasive arguments in 2001 Fox Documentary, Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon. Kaysing summarizes observations of pictures and video taken on the Moon: no stars, no thrust crater underneath Apollo Lunar Module (LM) and no apparent thrust on return ascent back to the Command Module. The LM seems pulled up by a cable, adds Kaysing. It’s, perhaps, the small details that betray a fake. Kaysing points out lack of any dust on LM’s landing pads, although lunar dust observed to be very fine in videos! Astronauts remained healthy never suffering any adverse effects from radiation, despite passing through the Van Allen Radiation Belt. There are good arguments made in the Fox Special, but NASA reps seem detached never responding directly to evidence. NASA may feel more to lose than gain as upwards of 80 percent still believe we went to the Moon?. Physicist Michio Kaku does better job answering Moon hoax criticisms here. The present writer remains skeptical whether LM technically up to the task?   There’s nothing to see here.  NASA faked pix and video, but we actually went – just technical difficulty – with pix and video as some argue?

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