conspiracy theory w/ jesse ventura: jfk assassination

conspiacy theory w/ jesse ventura: jfk assassinationfrom federal jack: Ventura looks into recently declassified CIA documents that may connect the John F. Kennedy assassination to the Watergate scandal that brought down Richard Nixon. He interviews Lee Harvey Oswald‘s widow Marina Oswald Porter to gain more insight into the “Two-Oswalds” theory that a CIA-double killed JFK.

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  1. Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall Avatar

    Why does every generation have to prove who killed JFK? French intelligence figured it out in 1965. New Orleans DA Jim Garrison interviewed all the witnesses – including one of the actual gunman – for his grand jury investigation. The House Committee on Assassinations proved in 1978 that Oswald didn't do it alone. And then Oliver stone had to prove it again in is 1992 movie JFK. All the evidence points to a conspiracy at the highest level of government – the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in collaboration with Johnson and Hoover. Paid for by a bunch of NASA and defense contractors and oil executives. What really makes me sick is that this is all a matter of public record – available in any library. In 1984 I happened to encounter a JFK witness who was being harassed, and my life has never been the same. I write about this in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONAR ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

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