controlling the food supply: 2 new federal reports released

controlling the food supply: 2 new federal reports releasedfrom food freedom: The Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response just released its Guidelines for Foodborne Outbreak Response. Earlier this month, Obama’s new Food Safety Working Group, headed by Monsanto executive Michael Taylor, released its Key Control Findings. Decentralizing the food supply would provide the greatest food security. Instead the Administration seeks omnipotent control. On Wednesday, CIFOR released a 200-page set of Guidelines for Foodborne Outbreak Response [2.5mb PDF]. CIFOR’s guidelines are targeted to local, state and federal agencies and provide model practices used in foodborne disease outbreaks, including planning, detection, investigation, control and prevention…

This follows the July 7th release of Key Findings from the new federal Food Safety Working Group, headed by Michael Taylor, former Monsanto executive. When serving at the Food and Drug Administration in 1991, Taylor approved rBGH, the genetically modified bovine growth hormone linked to cancer

It appears that Obama’s food safety goals include the deregulation of large business and hyper-regulation of small business. With a Monsanto Administration, these plans and guidelines further the goal of implementing a global agreement called Codex, which will criminalize nutrients and naturally grown foods. This does not bode well for food safety, or for food freedom.

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    Thanks for another great site James, couldn't have come at a more critical time. My girlfriend and I will be heading over to Salem so we can catch Food, Inc. Also going to order Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food. Keep up the great work, stay well.

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