cops love iphone data trails

criminals who use device may be left without alibi
cops love iphone data trailsfrom chicago sun-times: Detective Josh Fazio of the Will County Sheriff’s Department loves it when an iPhone turns up as evidence in a criminal case. The sophisticated cell phone and mobile computer is becoming as popular with police as it is with consumers because it can provide investigators with so much information that can help in solving crimes. “When someone tells me they have an iPhone in a case, I say, ‘Yeah!’ I can do tons with an iPhone,” said Fazio, who works in the sheriff’s department high-tech crimes unit.

The iPhones generally store more data than other high-end phones – and investigators such as Fazio frequently can tap in to that information for evidence. And while some phone users routinely delete information from their devices, that step is seldom as final as it seems. “When you hit the delete button, it’s never really deleted,” Fazio said. The devices can help police learn where you’ve been, what you were doing there and whether you’ve got something to hide

Sometimes, the phones can help even if the case isn’t a matter of life or death. In Kane County, the sheriff’s department used GPS information from one of the phones to help reunite a worried father with his runaway daughter, who was staying at a friend’s house.

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