corbett report: episode121 – know your toxins: bpa

corbett report: episode121 - know your toxins: bpafrom corbett report: While the corporate-controlled environmental movement is worrying about life-giving CO2, our modern environment is awash in gender-bending, endocrine-disrupting, sterility-inducing chemicals. This week we examine one of those chemicals that are permeating our modern environment: Bisphenol A.

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sunday update:
abc news fail, iceland rising, frankenfoods eu

the latest corbett report audio interviews:
#137 – jane turner & #138 – sibel edmonds

video interview:
sibel edmonds speaks out on whistleblower ‘protections’

from corbett report: FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds joins The Corbett Report to discuss the explosive information she uncovered while working in the FBI translation and how the safeguards that were supposed to be in place to help her blow the whistle were overseen by politicians who themselves had been corrupted.

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