corbett report: episode126/127 – invisible empire/you are being prepped

corbett report: episode126 – invisible empire
corbett report: episode126 - invisible empirefrom corbett report: The Corbett Report is pleased to present the audio from the latest Jason Bermas documentary, Invisible Empire. This documentary breaks down and defines the New World Order and documents several key strands of this Invisible Empire, from the round tables and working groups to government drug smuggling, from the one world government agenda to the elite secret societies that govern politics from behind the scenes. If you enjoy this documentary, please support the filmmaker by buying a copy from or subscribing to

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corbett report: episode127 – you are being prepped
corbett report: episode127 - you are being preppedfrom corbett report: False flag season is upon us once again as the OKC rhetoric ratchets up ahead of April 19th. The media is preparing the public to expect domestic terrorism just as they were in 1994. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we ask if history is repeating and if so, what can be done to prevent it.

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sunday update:
swine flu cover-up, climategate whitewash, goldman hangout

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