corbett report: episode130 – whither europe

corbett report: episode130 - whither europefrom corbett report: The European monetary zone is in crisis… and as with any crisis, the masters of the new financial world order want to propose global regulations as the solution. Join us for this special documentary edition of The Corbett Report as Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, Bob Chapman, Helen Skopis, Webster Tarpley and James Corbett break down the European crisis.


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jason bermas on the making of ‘invisible empire’ & peter dale scott on economics 101 & drugs

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#159 – james evan pilato, #160 – jason bermas, #161 – helen skopis, #162 – michael parenti, #163 – peter dale scott, #164 – melissa short & #165 – annie machon … several of which will be featured at the upcoming ‘understanding deep politics conference‘ in santa cruz, may14-16

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