corbett report: episode208 – the galton institute exposed

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corbett report: episode208 - the galton institute exposedfrom corbett report: Although it formally changed its name from the British Eugenics Society to the Galton Institute in 1989, eugenics by any other name would smell as rotten. Join us this week as we peek behind the curtain of the birthplace of eugenics and interrogate the inbred line of British gentry who believe themselves to be of superior stock.

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2 responses to “corbett report: episode208 – the galton institute exposed”

  1. enation Avatar

    Why call all this a 'eugenics' agenda, when eugenics was concerned with improving the human race, making it more intelligent, strong, fit, etc., and when you guys discuss a general process of dumbing down, poisoning, fostering of dependency, etc., all of which seems more like a dysgenic program?


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Well said.

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