coronal mass ejection: causal link to earthquakes and volcanoes

coronal mass ejection: causal link to earthquakes and volcanoesA strong Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) may transmit energy directly into the Earth’s core, heating surrounding magma – a direct cause of increased volcanic activity. A CME may also cause breaches in the Earth’s magnetosphere as reported in a previous post, Earth’s Magnetic Fields Cause of Birds & Fish Die-off. It’s suspected that the birds blacked out when they quit breathing, since they rely on magnetic fields to help regulate air intake while in flight. The implications are potentially horrific with the loss of protection from a CME that might reach the Earth’s surface, in addition, to an increase of earthquakes and volcanoes. You may listen to a discussion of CMEs and their implications on the Sept. 30th Nutrimedical Report.  It’s an enlightening discussion that includes tsunami concerns originating from the Canary Islands.

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