Countdown to Apocalypse 2012: Vivos Underground Doomsday Bunkers

Doomsday bunker sales surge in wake of disasters and uncertainty; bunker sales skyrocket 1000%
Countdown to Apocalypse 2012: Vivos Underground Doomsday BunkersIs your purchase of a spot in a secure Vivos underground shelter a ticket to salvation–at least survival–or another scam to empty your pocket? The Vivos company website offers a global risk assessment, including familiar threats such as electromagnetic pulse, solar flares, bioterrorism and economic collapse. There are links to movies that describe a number of possible scenarios. Co-ownership of a Vivos shelter goes for $25,000 upon acceptance of your application. The present writer questions whether you want to be underground if there’s an earthquake, a number of shelters are in California, according to a Vivos map? The message seems to play off fear and reason should prevail in any decision? What’s to stop what government remains after a catastrophe to declare an underground shelter–a detention camp? A finished shelter with all amenities is appealing–even in Nebraska–and may be right for you? The present writer wants simply to reinforce message: buyer beware! Is it terra vivos or subterran muerte?

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