counter-intel paranoia: canadian coins bugged with transmitters

counter-intel paranoia: canadian coins bugged with transmittersA service report from the counter-intelligence office of the US Defense secret service titled, Technology Collection Trends in the U.S. Defense Industry, contained the following, “on at least three separate occasions between October 2005 and January 2006, cleared defense contractors’ employees traveling through Canada have discovered radio frequency transmitters embedded in Canadian coins placed on their persons. The CBC article is weak when it suggests RFID tags and acknowledges the type of transmitter remains unknown. David Harris, a former Canadian Secret Intelligence Service officer, adds color to article,“you could almost, by handing a coin to somebody, achieve the equivalent of the Mafiosi’s last kiss on the cheek.” A coin could easily be deposited in a vending machine, is an objection raised which seems valid. The present writer believes, however, government agencies will attempt anything to justify bloated budgets. The article is worth reading just to gain familiarty with-more esoteric agencies in our labyrinthine government – we never hear about otherwise!

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