Crimea Set to Leave Ukraine and Join Russia After Referendum

from As many as 95.5 percent of the electorate in Crimea have voted to join Russia. That comes after 50 percent of votes had been counted. According to the head of the electoral commission the turnout was as high as 83 percent. Pro-Russians in the Crimean capital Simferopol gathered in Lenin Square soon after polls closed to celebrate a victory that was never in doubt. The self-proclaimed leader in Crimea, the pro-Kremlin Sergei Actionov, addressed the crowds: “We are going back home, Crimea is in Russia, Hooray comrades! We did it together thanks to you, to your courage, your support, thanks to Russia’s support, the Russian peoples support and the support of its president. Nobody will take away our victory. We are going to Russia, hooray! and congratulations to you all,” he said. The flags waved and fireworks burst over the delirious crowds in the Crimean capital.

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