cyanide psyop & the coming denver convention

pound of cyanide found in room where man died
from ap: About a pound of highly toxic sodium cyanide was found in a hotel room where a man’s body was discovered, authorities said Wednesday. The Denver medical examiner was still awaiting test results to determine what killed Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, of Ottawa. Police said they do not suspect foul play, and the FBI said there was no apparent connection to terrorism. Dirie’s body was found Monday in The Burnsley All Suite Hotel. Investigators said he had been dead for several days. Fire officials said they found a bottle of the white powder in Dirie’s room. Police said Wednesday it was cyanide.

false flag cyanide attack planned for the dnc?
false flag cyanide attack planned for the dnc?from kurt nimmo: “We don’t have terrorist attacks here, we don’t have suicide bombers and I think that’s what people think of when they think about terrorism,” the FBI’s Jim Davis told Denver’s 9News last month. “There is clearly enough activity for us to be very busy in addressing potential threats.” Davis eluded to the usual suspects, specifically anarchists and protesters who will gather during the upcoming DNC. “I think there is some possibility of large scale protests, people who may have it in their mind to disrupt this convention.”

Is it possible anarchists or other terrorists – specifically, Muslims who hate us for our freedom — will disrupt the DNC with a cloud of cyanide gas? It appears the corporate media is preparing us for some sort of terrorist event during the convention…

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie was a member of the Canadian Somali community and manager of Ottawa’s Somali Center for Family Services. Police in Denver and the FBI may “not suspect foul play” and flatly declare that the case has no “apparent connection to terrorism,” however the mere mention of a dead man in possession of a large amount of sodium cyanide and hailing from a country that is predominately Muslim — in fact, Sunni Muslim, just like al-Qaeda — will no doubt result in a lot of hysterical speculation in the corporate media, regardless of what the FBI says at this point.

official says al-qaeda may attack during US election season
from ians: A top US counter-terrorism official has warned of a heightened risk of an Al Qaeda attack during the upcoming US election season with the terrorist outfit exploiting recent political turmoil in Pakistan to strengthen its sanctuary there. While intelligence officials are unaware of specific plans for attacks inside the US, they expect an increase in threats in the run-up to US elections, Ted Gistaro, the national intelligence officer for trans-national threats, has claimed in an assessment.

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