cyber 3.0 and working towards rules governing cyber conflict

cyber 3.0 and working towards rules governing cyber conflictUS Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn III outlines Cyber 3.0 five part plan at a recent cybersecurity conference. The five parts are: 1) a need for cybercommandos for cybermissions, 2) active defenses for military networks, 3) ensure US infrastructure is protected (military will make resources available to private sector),  4) cooperative defenses with allies, and 5) maintaining preeminence in cybserspace. Part three presents privacy issues and part five appears to go beyond defense objectives. You can view Sec. Lynn’s speech here that also includes references to Einstein 3.0, a newer version of an intrusion detection system mandated by the Homeland Security Act, which will monitor government computer traffic on private sites!

The cybersecurity conference sponsored by the East West Institute, a New York City think tank, seeks to define “rules of the road” for cyber conflict according to their website. The two biggest participants, Russia and United States, made joint recommendations, “Working Toward Rules for Governing Cyber Conflict“(pdf). The paper trumpets the application of principles from the Geneva Convention to cyberwar. Is this a control matrix taking shape right before our eyes? Will oligarchs reach agreement to dominate world?

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