cyber storm II gets started

cyber storm II gets startedfrom fcw: The private sector owns more than three-quarters of the country’s critical infrastructure. A large-scale, successful, coordinated attack could cripple the country’s economy. A cyberattack can originate in one country and pass through several others before reaching its target. That dark side of cyberspace is the backdrop for this week’s Cyber Storm II exercise, the Homeland Security Department’s second massive cyber war game, which kicked off today will be played this week in Washington and virtually worldwide.

cyber-attack exercise complete
cyber-attack exercise completefrom inquirer uk: Insecurity experts from five countries, more than 40 companies and US government agencies have finished the biggest cyber-attack exercise ever conducted. The exercise took place over the last week with the experts trying to kick nine bells out of the systems that are in place. Basically one team simulated “real-world,” on-line attacks on the computer systems of government bodies, corporations, transportation and other industries, while the other experts worked out how to deal with them.

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