cyber/spacewar: attacks & anniversaries

world wide wiretap: cyber attacks traced to the uk & US
cyber attacks traced to the uk & USfrom threat level: International fingerpointing in the recent cyberattacks against U.S. and South Korean web sites has widened to include the UK and U.S., as researchers examining the attacks trace them to a server in the United Kingdom. But the UK company that owns the server says it, in turn, traced the attacks to a VPN connection originating in Miami, Florida. With hawks in Congress and the press urging President Obama to launch an all-out cyber war in retaliation for the website outages, things are looking bad for the Sunshine State. Though it should be noted that the Miami connection was likely just another proxy used by the hacker, who could be based in the U.S. or anywhere else. Researchers at Bkis Security in Hanoi, who reported findings about the UK server on their company’s blog, say that the denial-of-service attacks that struck more than three dozen government and commercial sites last week were launched from more than 166,000 computers in 74 countries controlled by a server in the UK. The IP range for the server is, which is registered to Global Digital Broadcast, which streams digital TV content from Latin America to consumers. A company representative was unavailable for comment. But in a July 14 press release, the company indicated that it had traced the attacks to a VPN connection from Miami controlled by Digital Latin America, a Buenos Aires-based company that provides technical services to providers of digital content.

3 reasons why US cybersecurity sucks

internet attack propaganda increases as cyber bill approaches
from kurt nimmo: Earlier this week South Korean intelligence (a creation of U.S. military intelligence) blamed the enfeebled Stalinist regime in North Korea for a series of cyber attacks on the U.S. government and commercial websites. As numerous observers have noted since the attacks, it is unlikely North Korea was behind the attacks. “Some analysts have questioned the North’s involvement, saying it may be the work of industrial spies or pranksters,” reports Reuters.

Instead of North Korea, the Korea Communications Commission now claims the original attacks were based in Germany, Austria, Georgia, the United States and South Korea. The location of the hackers behind the attacks is still unknown, according to the KCC.

The cyber attacks will now enter a new phase by attacking personal computers and wiping out hard disks, South Korea claims. South Korean web security firm Ahnlab, which has closely examined the attacks, said the new phase would target data on tens of thousands of infected personal computers. Ahnlab sells antivirus software, online security solutions, and network security appliances such as firewalls.

The new alleged threat and accompanying propaganda comes as Senate Commerce Chairman John (Jay) Rockefeller prepares for a July committee vote on cybersecurity legislation he introduced in April with Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine. One of the bill’s most controversial provisions would give the president the power to effectively shut off the Internet during a cyber crisis similar to the one now threatening PCs, according to South Korea and its U.S. created intelligence agency.

saic acquires cybersecurity product testing firm atlan, inc.

obama would endanger privacy with nsa cyber security plan
from latimes: Cyber security is a real issue, as evidenced by the virus behind July 4 cyber attacks that hobbled government and business websites in the United States and South Korea. It originated from Internet provider addresses in 16 countries and targeted, among others, the White House and the New York Stock Exchange. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has chosen to combat it in a move that runs counter to its pledge to be transparent. The administration reportedly is proceeding with a Bush-era plan to use the National Security Agency to screen government computer traffic on private-sector networks. AT&T is slated to be the likely test site. This classified pilot program, dubbed “Einstein 3,” is developed but not yet rolled out. It takes two offenders from President Bush’s contentious secret surveillance program and puts them in charge of scrutinizing all Internet traffic going to or from federal government agencies. Despite its name, the Einstein 3 program is more genie than genius — an omnipotent force (run by the NSA via AT&T’s “secret rooms“) that does the government’s bidding – spying. The last time around, this sort of scheme was known as the “special access” program – “special” being code for “unconstitutional.”

nasa release unseen moon landing footage &
nasa refurbishes video of moon landing

space shuttle headed for international space station
from russia today: The US space shuttle Endeavour, with its seven-strong crew, reached orbit and began a flight to the International Space Station, NASA said in a press release. The launch was Endeavour’s sixth attempt: previous tries were cancelled due to gas leaks and, more recently, bad weather.

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