cyber/spacewar: singularity, censorship, malware, mars & the moon

1 in a million: german boy hit by meteorite*
1 in a million: german boy hit by meteoritepentagon blinds astronomers to ‘armageddon’*
military hush-up: incoming space rocks now classified*
hathaway confirms she’s a candidate for cyber chief*
future warbot powered by xbox controller*
US ceases analog television broadcasts*
the singularity is near –
terminator: salvation & the future of humanity
cia adopting web 2.0 tools despite resistance*
twitter quitter trent reznor says ‘idiots rule’*
space station headed for population explosion*
pentagon cyber command still on hold*
pentagon wants cyborg insects to sniff wmd, offer free wi-fi*
US cybersecurity chief warns of ‘market’ in malware*
picking the cybersecurity czar*
the dawning of internet censorship in germany*
uk follows US with cyber security agency*
here’s the uk weather for 2080: floods, droughts & heatwaves*
s korea military networks under growing cyber attack*
is there a life on mars conspiracy?*
back to the moon: nasa to launch new lunar scouts*
nasa prepares to bomb the moon*

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