cyber/spacewar: stratcom, solar storms, weatherwars

cybersecurity act: heavy restrictions on internet freedoms

US military prepares for ‘cyber command’
US military prepares for 'cyber command'from afp: The US administration is planning to create a new military command to counter cyber attacks on the country’s sensitive computer networks, a US defense official said on Wednesday. The move would be part of a planned overhaul of cyber security policies now being weighed by the White House, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP. The “cyber command” would likely fall under the US Strategic Command, which already leads efforts within the military to safeguard computer networks from hackers and cyber attacks, the official said, confirming media reports. Plans to reorganize the US government’s approach to information technology security come amid a growing threat of cyber spying and attacks, including a breach reportedly of the US electricity grid and of the F-35 fighter jet program.

cyber criminals industrialize to increase effectiveness

a hurricane-killing, space-based power plant
a hurricane-killing, space-based power plantfrom wired science: How’s this for crazy?: A company files a patent to destroy hurricanes as they form by beaming them with energy from a space-based solar plant. Maybe it is crazy, but that same company, Solaren, took a first step in that direction this week when it inked a deal with the northern California utility, PG&E, to provide 200 megawatts of power capacity transmitted from orbit in 2016. Apparently, sending up billions of dollars worth of solar collectors and using microwaves to send the energy onto two square miles of receivers in the desert is a little ho-hum to Solaren’s wild minds. “The present invention relates to space-based power systems and, more particularly, to altering weather elements, such as hurricanes or forming hurricanes, using energy generated by a space-based power system,” Jim Rogers and Gary Spirnak write in their 2006 patent application… Attempts at weather modification have taken many forms over the decades from cloud seeding to the strange fans that vineyards use for hyperlocal weather modding. Some analysts have even speculated that geoengineering techniques could allow countries to weaponize the climate by subtly turning an enemy country’s breadbasket into a desert, for example. Hurricanes have also been a target of dozens of plans to alter their courses or slow their winds.

a solar storm warning

are we ready for a solar katrina?
are we ready for a solar katrina?from abcnews: More than a million people without power. The distribution of drinkable water disrupted. Transportation, communication and banking upset. Trillions of dollars in damage. Hurricanes, blizzards and other earthly tempests aren’t the only natural forces with the potential to sow catastrophe. Severe weather in the sun’s outer atmosphere could knock out much of the country’s power grid, incapacitate navigational systems and jeopardize spacecraft, scientists say. While the odds of a solar disaster are relatively small, scientists warn that we need to ramp up our defenses against solar storms, especially given our increasing dependence on technology that is so susceptible to radiation from the sun. “It’s one of those events that is of low probability but high consequence,” Dr. Roberta Balstad, a research scientist with Columbia University’s Center for Research on Environmental Decisions. “The consequences could be extreme.”

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