danes homemade rocket launch a success!

danes homemade rocket launch a success!An article in The Miami Herald reported Friday a Danish group of space enthusiasts launched a 30 ft homemade rocket (pictured) successfully from Bornholm island. The rocket reached five miles in altitude before retrieved later intact from the Baltic Sea. The HEAT 1X Tyco Brahe is a rocket spacecraft combo designed and built by Copenhagen Suborbitals. Rocket was named in honor of 16th Century Danish astronomer Tyco Brahe. The group states they “…are working fulltime to develop a series of suborbital space vehicles-designed to pave the way for manned space flight on a micro size spacecraft.” You can view launch on You Tube. Friday’s feat shows what ingenuity, $53,000 and use of a military test site can accomplish. The group seems aimed at providing public with an econo-space travel experience?

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