#DataDump: Clash, Collusion, Christina and more

Obama, NSA ‘Clash’ Over Spying on Private Company Nets*

Obama, NSA 'Clash' Over Spying on Private Company Nets

Collusion for Firefox Shows You Who’s Tracking You on the Web In Real Time*
Collusion :: Add-ons for Firefox*
Google Caught Violating Browser Privacy Settings to Track Users*
Google Once Considered Issuing Digital Currency*
Hackers penetrated NASA computers 13 times last year*
Moon acts as mirror, reflecting telltale signs of life*
Apple hits $500 billion marker*
Foxconn to Raise Salaries for Workers by Up to 25%*
James Murdoch steps down at NI*
Christina Hendricks: My Phone Was HACKED … But Those Boobs Aren’t Mine!*
#Audio #Satire: American Robot’s Job Outsourced To Overseas Robot*

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