#DataDump: Satellites, CISPA, Space Boat and more

‘Internet doomsday’ July 9, claims FBI*

'Internet doomsday' July 9, claims FBI

Satellite export controls loom over national security, economy*
Military Clashes with U.S. Spies over Outsourcing of Satellite Surveillance*
Equipment Maker Caught Installing Backdoor in Control System Code*
Judges Drive Truck Through Loophole in Supreme Court GPS Ruling*
High Court rules iiNet not responsible for its customers’ illegal downloads*
Czechs sentenced for propagating Nazism via Facebook*
Update: Iranian oil ministry hit by cyber-attack*
Mobile Carriers Lobby Against Cellphone Location Privacy Bill*
New CISPA Draft Narrows Cybersecurity Language as Protests Loom*
CISPA Update1: Despite veto threat, House passes cybersecurity bill*
CISPA Update2: Feds Seize 36 Criminal Carding Sites*
“The hidden side of your soul”: How the FBI uses the Web as a child porn honeypot*
FBI Uses ‘Sledgehammer’ to Seize E-Mail Server in Search for Bomb Threat Evidence*
Super Secret Hypersonic Aircraft Flew Out of Its Skin*
Russian Defense ministry tests electromagnetic weapon*
Nissan Hacked; Employee Credentials Stolen*
Deniable War Crimes?: Robots fighting wars could be blamed for mistakes*
Explosion, Fireball Reported In CA, NV*
Space ‘boat’ could explore the oceans of Saturn’s moon Titan*
3 things you never knew the Apple iPhone can do*
iPhone app (Tactical NAV)*
IPhones Guide Artillery as Pentagon Plans App Store*
Video: Tactical NAV on the Armed Forces Network

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