#DataDump: #SuperMoon, Snooping, Sidesteps and more

#Supermoon Saturday:
May's Full Moon coincides with Perigee,
first of 6 Celestial events this month

#Supermoon Saturday: May's Full Moon coincides with Perigee, first of six celestial events this month

Twilight Language:
Cinco De Derby Moon
Biggest full moon due this weekend as tides rise around the planet*
Venus to appear in once-in-a-lifetime event Jun5-6*
Sun may soon have four poles, say researchers*
Shuttle Enterprise soars over NYC skyline - NASA dignitaries, fidgety schoolchildren and Leonard Nimoy*
7M Birds Die in US and Canada a Year because of Communication Towers*
Law Prof says Megaupload Prosecution 'Depressing Display Of Abuse Of Government Authority'*
Justice Department Clears Google In Wi-Fi Sniffing Scandal*
Congress Should Grill the FCC Over Redacted Google Wi-Fi Snooping Report*
Google’s 'Engineer Doe' is Marius Milner, Known For Wi-Fi Hacking Tool*
Equipment Maker Caught Installing Backdoor Vows to Fix Following Public Pressure*
UK lawmakers say Rupert Murdoch unfit to run company*
British ISPs Ordered to Block Pirate Bay*
Video: How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes*

#PumpUpThaVolume: June 24, 2019