dcctv, red teams, red lights & washed-up drones

surveillance quietly expands in district of criminals
surveillance quietly expands in district of criminalsfrom washington times: Smile, Washington – the cameras are rolling whether you know it or not. Police and homeland security officials say they will not post signs around the more than 5,200 cameras being consolidated into one network under an initiative announced by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty… The first phase of the camera consolidation is expected to begin May 1.

no winners in ‘cyber storm II’
no winners in 'cyber storm II'from zdnet: The only question that mattered during an RSA Con session on the government’s cyberwar game, CyberStorm II was asked by a typical sort of fellow at these things – a pony-tailed RSA attendee, presumably a security pro, as InformationWeek described: “Was there a red team and did they win?”… “We don’t have a firm answer about winning or losing,” said panel moderator Jordana Siegel, acting deputy director at Department of Homeland Security.

6 US cities tamper with traffic cameras for profit
6 US cities tamper with traffic cameras for profitfrom left lane news: Six U.S. cities have been found guilty of shortening the amber cycles below what is allowed by law on intersections equipped with cameras meant to catch red-light runners. The local governments in question have ignored the safety benefit of increasing the yellow light time and decided to install red-light cameras, shorten the yellow light duration, and collect the profits instead.

military drones wash up on alabama beaches
military drones wash up on alabama beachesfrom local6: Several unmanned military drones with U.S. Air Force markings washed ashore in Alabama and forced the closure of a portion of at least one beach… An official said the drone was a target that was apparently shot down in the Gulf of Mexico as part of a weapons system evaluation program, WKRG reported.

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  1. […] 45,000 red light camera citations for a town of 38,500from dallas morning news: A Duncanville City Council member wants to re-evaluate how the city issues citations to red-light runners and make it easier for suspected violators to request a jury trial. Paul Ford questions the nearly 45,000 citations issued in 2008 at four intersections monitored by cameras. Compared with Duncanville’s population of 38,500, he said, the number of citations seems excessive… According to Ford, the city will take in more than $3 million from citations issued in 2008. “These tickets are not safety-related,” Ford said. “They’re revenue-related. Period.” […]

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