decay rates of radioactive elements are changing?

decay rates of radioactive elements are changing?An axiom of physics seems to have smashed against the hard wall of reality? Ernest Rutherford et al, father of nuclear physics, made observation in 1930, a radioactive substance follows a fixed exponential decay but new evidence runs counter to this “physical law”. In a recent Discovery News article, Purdue researchers have noted decay rates that vary with the Sun’s 33-day rotation! The article also asks whether Sun emitting a new particle that may be altering decay rates? The Purdue researchers, Ephraim Fischbach and Jere Jenkins, note also an annual variance which correlates with the Earth’s distance from the Sun in a 2008 article. To summarize, what we are showing is that the decay constant is not really a constant,” says Fischbach. This emerging story will be interesting to see how physics establishment reacts to challenge of a basic tenet? It may be the case, radioactive decay rates have always varied to subtle degrees and we just haven’t noticed?

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