#DeepFocus: “Suddenly,” Sinatra’s Original Assassination Film

With the inauguration coming up next week and threats of riots in the news (plus massive marijuana giveaways and also the question of who the “designated successor” will be, but those are both different topics for a different show), we want to take a look at a 1954 film that fell into public domain so it’s available everywhere: “Suddenly”. It stars Frank Sinatra in his first Presidential assassination movie – as “The Manchurian Candidate” wouldn’t come out for another eight years until in 1962. According to author Tom Santopietro’s 2008 book, “Sinatra In Hollywood,” “Sinatra had asked United Artists to withdraw the film from circulation because he discovered that Lee Harvey Oswald had seen it…“.

It is worth reading the entire section on “Suddenly” in “Sinatra In Hollywood” for an in-depth look at the film and its impact on Sinatra – and the culture. It’s also worth noting that an entertainment television show called “Backstage” did a piece in 2008 on the similarities between “Suddenly” and “Manchurian Candidate”. But beyond that, not much else has been said about “Suddenly” even though it just sits out there in the public domain, hiding in plain sight. There are a number of other interesting syncs and signs with “Suddenly”.

The film also stars Sterling Hayden, who would later warn us about fluoride and our “precious, bodily fluids. And if you want to continue down the assassination sync hole, there’s an episode of the old TV show “Route 66” called “I’m Here To Kill A King” that was scheduled to air on November 22, 1963. That then takes us to James Shelby Downard’s “KING-KILL/33°: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy,” which will bring us back to Kanye’s “King Kill” imagery and then, of course, America’s Next Top President, Donald Trump.


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