defcon 10/13: moon updates, socialnet & hack attacks

moon crash: public yawns, scientists celebrate*
moon crash: public yawns, scientists celebratecloud of confusion over success of nasa moon ‘bombing’*
the moon is not enough*
moon orbiter detects pole-plunge hotspots in dark bottom*
soon, ‘cybugs’ to access areas where people can’t go*
facebook ensnared in two social networking patent disputes*
reservella: the shadowy company behind the pirate bay*
big-box breach: the inside story of wal-mart’s hacker attack*

10/15 updates:
lawmaker urges obama to appoint cybersecurity coordinator*
the internet is about to die. literally die!*
sweden loses its internet connection*
mozilla service detects insecure firefox plugins*
partners of carnegie mellon’s cylab warned that ‘digital 9/11’ threat growing*
troy, missouri student disciplined after creating a website to bully another*

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