defcon 10/29: smart grid, nsa supercenters & surveillance

obama announces stimulus funding for the ‘smart grid’*
obama announces stimulus funding for the 'smart grid'obama invests $3.4b in US electricity grid*
feds’ smart grid race leaves cybersecurity in the dust*
flashback: corbett report: episode103 – the smart grid cometh*
cyberattacks: espionage now, sabotage soon*
nsa supercenters to store americans’ private data permanently*
government to build $1.5b cybersecurity data center*
dhs to announce cyber merger*
scan of internet uncovers 1000s of vulnerable embedded devices*
guardian loses half a million resumes*
video: isp removes fake US chamber press release from internet*
chamber suing yes men for ‘commercial identity theft’*
nation’s first open source election software released*
sec & dhs need web backup, gao says*
after net neutrality, will we need ‘google neutrality’?*
darpa looks to send the internet into orbit*
video: baltic ‘meteorite’ a flaming hoax*
mars can wait: nasa should try landing on asteroids first*
ares i-x stuck on the pad*
ares i-x blasts off on 2nd attempt*
pilots who missed airport cite computer distraction*
video: new army robot walks like a human*

update: internet turns 40 & throws itself a birthday party*

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