defcon 11/27: cern, wrecking cru, copyright & crackdown

triumph in geneva! lhc beams up & running again*
triumph in geneva! lhc beams up & running againpotty-mouths charged for comcast hijack*
nj man sentenced in scientology cyber attack*
‘godfather of spam’ to prison for 4 years*
wrecking cru: hackers cause massive climate data breach*
climate change hackers leave trail*
beginning of the end for the internet in the uk*
google previews chrome open source operating system*
mandelson: amend copyright law in new crackdown on filesharing*
games & culture journal: ‘warcraft’ research papers*
obama wants computer privacy ruling overturned*
computer hacker gary mckinnon ‘is facing a US trial’*
US military cyber forces on the defensive in network battle*

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